Proofing and



Our product line ranges from a plug-in, fully automatic proofing unit for bakery

stores through to individually designed refrigeration units for industrial bakeries.

Your choices are endless.

Products at a glance


Preserving and storing

Our professional preservation systems support the daily operational processes in bakeries – from rapid retardation of the proofing of raw dough to the long-term storage of pre-baked products.


Proofing and retardation

Control the temperature and moisture level of the proofing process precisely according to your requirements. Our product line ranges from the automatic proofing unit with integrated dough retarder to the air-conditioned proofing chamber.


Products ready to plug in

Smart & easy. Our plug-in cabinets are available as a mobile cooling station, high-performance freezer or automatic proofing unit.


Individual refrigeration units

Place your trust in over 100 years of experience. We work together with you to plan your refrigeration approach – one that is energy-efficient and precisely tailored to your product range.