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MONSUN deck oven

More baking surface, less energy consumption.

MONSUN deck oven

The robust oven is perfectly suited to the demands of continuous operation in bakeries. Furthermore, it is extremely reliable and uses minimal energy. The ratio of machine footprint to baking surface area is also ideal: the MONSUN system allows for up to 30% more usage of the baking surface*, which, in the case of the double-width models, can mean up to 13.44 m².

With a base footprint of not more than 1,150 × 2,910 mm this compact oven even fi ts well into narrow baking areas. In addition, the low airfl ow speeds in the baking chamber ensure that the baked goods are perfectly crispy, evenly browned all over, and stay fresh for a long time. Optional: exhaust vent for closing the fl ue shaft when the burner is switched off. This enables the existing heatto be used again for baking. This saves energy and money!

Modern or Retro design

Up to 30% more usage of baking surface*

With our MONSUN technology, the two-way movement of the air means that hot air circulates particularly intensively around the baked goods. This avoids any radiation shadows and means that baked goods can be placed significantly closer together on the baking trays. (* compared to other comparable ovens)

Low energy consumption

Low energy consumption

Heat is transferred directly to the baked goods by convection - without transfer of heat through any other materials. This means that the oven uses significantly less energy than comparable ovens. In addition, heat-insulated doors with safety glass ensure that little energy escapes to the outside.

Tandem function

Tandem functions

With the MONSUN 672 and 1344 Z models of deck oven the height of the uppermost cooker is 180 mm, which allows you to bake a wide spectrum of different products. Read more ... Using the tandem function the temperature of the uppermost cooker can be reduced by 50°C. The cooker also features its own steam extractor.