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Fully automatic proofing unit TEFI

Raw, perfectly matured dough for your stores!


The TEFI is the perfect assistant when it comes to modern in-store baking. It helps you to optimise the workflows in your branch. Load it the day before with the products required and leave them to ripen perfectly overnight. This lets you start baking the following morning – quickly and without the need for time-consuming prep work. Our TEFI automatic proofing unit enables you to carry out several stages of production at once: you can control both proofing and cooling processes precisely, ensuring your products are always perfectly cooled, tempered and air-conditioned.

This helps you to achieve the perfect degree of maturity (final fermentation) of the raw dough and of dough with a high fermentation tolerance. The raw doughs can also be left for a longer period at a low temperature. The benefit: unripe dough pieces can be stored in the unit and be baked over a longer period of time. Ready to plug in, small and fl exible – our versatile automatic proofi ng unit makes it easy for you to keep your shelves overflowing with freshly baked food!

Fully automated proofing and cooling

Fully automated proofing and cooling

Using the TEFI you can start, pause and continue with the ripening of the raw dough at any time, as the intelligent control system will always calculate the ideal processing time required. The unit offers space for up to 20 trays (580 × 780 mm) or 40 trays (400 × 600 mm).

Fully automated proofing and cooling

Ready to plug in and space saving

The TEFI is delivered as a plug-in ready product. A standard plug socket (230 V) is required to operate it. This allows you to start using the unit as soon as it has been delivered. With its compact exterior dimensions (792 × 2,120 × 715 mm or 792 × 2,120 × 1,021 mm) the TEFI fits perfectly into all branch settings.

Fully automated proofing and cooling

Energy-saving and safe

The insulation prevents energy losses and also guarantees long-lasting refrigeration in the event of a power outage. In addition, the device has an automatic restart, enabling the proofing process to continue. The TEFI is easy to clean and has self-closing doors with end-to-end handle strip.