About us

EuroStandart LLC is a supplier of premium-class professional equipment from Germany for restaurant & hotels.

The scope of work that is performed by EuroStandart LLC comprises, complete design planning, field supervision, placing of equipment, furniture, accessories, deliveries directly from the manufacturers, installation and commissioning, warranty and post-warranty service, staff training, development of a management system and its implementation, opening of an outlet, consulting throughout its operation.


High-quality equipment ensures smooth operation of an outlet, quick cooking, top quality food and service. Owing to this, owners can be sure of the future of their company, dedicate more time to business development and forget about everyday maintenance and fixing.

High-quality equipment is a guarantee of stability of an outlet, best service and an essential pre-requisite of the business development.

Project planning

EuroStandart LLC possesses the License of the State Committee for Construction, Architecture and Housing Policies of Ukraine that allows the company to perform complex project design planning.

On the basis of the technical specification provided by the client the project planning department develops several solutions and selects the optimal set of the technological equipment. As soon as the project planning solution and the equipment configuration are approved by the client, the engineering stage begins. The project is due to be approved by the sanitary-and-epidemiological institution. Then the project documentation is submitted to the client.

We also perform field supervision of the project and make sure premises are ready for the installation works. This guarantees top quality of works that are done, smooth implementation of the project and flawless operation.

Delivery, installation and maintenance

EuroStandart LLC possesses the License for performing installation works and commissioning. Service technicians that have the technological project of the equipment placing conduct installation works using top quality installation materials and expendables, perform commissioning, staff training. Throughout the equipment service life the technicians perform warranty and post-warranty service using only original parts provided by the manufacturer.

As soon as the equipment is commissioned the client obtains all the technical manuals and other documents in Russian, compliance certificates, sanitary-and-epidemiological authorizing documents, warranty with the serial numbers, year of manufacturing, cooker’s books in Russian. Master classes and workshops are held by German chefs.