System technology

Customized coffee machine configuration. With specifically tailored WMF system technologies, you can to cater to your customers’ needs even better. Whichever types of milk you use, the WMF milk and steam systems ensure you always get consistently top results. So, why not customize your offer via telemetry and simplify the interaction between man and machine! With our WMF system technologies you always get the most out for your daily business.

WMF Milk Systems

Milkfoam to perfection. Thanks to patented WMF milk systems, you can create professional coffee classics, as well as the latest coffee crazes.

WMF Steam Systems

Enhance your WMF coffee machine with our steam systems and fulfill all your customers’ desires. Quickly and effortlessly.

WMF Cleaning Systems

Achieving immaculate results quicker – with our HACCP-compliant WMF cleaning systems.