WMF Filter Coffee Machine – CombiNation F


Filter coffee to perfection.

The WMF combiNation F is an all-around specialist when it comes to that excellent cup of coffee that needs to be produced in large quantities, over and over again. The WMF combiNation F reliably ensures first-class, coffee-time indulgence. This fully automatic machine can prepare up to 500 cups of filter coffee per hour, each one as superb as the next. Variable brewing volumes and an optional height-adjustable front panel enable almost any size pot to be accurately filled. The intelligent storage urn ensures that even during peak hours, nobody needs to be kept waiting.


Automated after-brewing facility

Fills the storage urn via timer control. For quick replenishment during peak hours – ideal for self-service operations.


Granulate dispenser

Enables automatic, timer-controlled cleaning whether or not the machine is turned off..


Height adjustable front panel

With a clearance height of up to 275 mm, almost any pot can be accurately filled.


High hot water output

With the 13.8 kW version, up to 108 liters of hot water can be heated per hour.


Separate manual insert

Additionally enables decaffeinated coffee to be used for individual cups.


Storage urn

Holding four liters, it is aroma-sealed and precisely tempered.


combiNation F Black Edition

The timelessly perfect design also allows for unprecedented user friendliness. The clear arrangement focuses your view on the large, easy-to-use product buttons and the touch screen display. The operating mode and set brewing quantity can be read and varied here at any time. You can discover new worlds of flavour more easily.

Recommended daily/max. hourly output* btw. 180 and 500 cups (depending on nominal output)
Nominal output / power supply 9,3 kW / 400 V oder 13,8 kW / 400 V
Coffee storage urn (volume) 4 liter
Hot water outlet 72 - 108 liter
Coffee bean hopper approx. 2200g
Granulate cleaning dispenser approx. 1000g
Dimensions (width / height** / depth) 450 / 816 / 590 mm
Water supply fixed water supply
Empty weight depending on configuration approx. 33 - 38kg
Continuous sound pressure level (LpA)*** < 70 dB (A)

* Performance has been determined by machine with a fixed water supply and is dependent on cup-size, quality settings, discharge, configuration and nominal output. The recommended maximum daily output is based on our catalogued service concept. However, these average values serve merely as guideline. Let our trained WMF team match the ideal coffee machine design to your specific needs.

** Height including coffee bean hopper.

*** The A-rated sound pressure level LpA (slow) and LpA (impulse) at service staff work stations is under 70 dB(A) in any operating mode.

Above 5° dKH (water hardness) a WMF water filter must be fitted.

WMF combiNation F


  • 1 ground coffee hopper
  • 4- litre coffee urn
  • PIN-Code protection
  • 4 product buttons
  • fixed water supply
  • power connection 400V/ 9,3 kW


  • hot water spout
  • dosing mechanism for fully automatic granulate cleaing
  • hight-adjustable front panel
  • outlet spout for heavy duty
  • power connection 13,8 kW
  • set of legs 100 mm
  • rearward dispensing


  • coin checker
  • coin changer
  • card reader housing
  • choc dispenser

Not all options and/ or additions can be combined.

PDF Download

WMF combiNation F planning information / data sheet (PDF, 221.94 KB)