In the coffee-to-go business? Enjoy whipping up your own mouth-watering coffee creations? Well, we have the ideal extras for you! Check out our rotatable syrup rack that can hold up to 6 bottles. Or our paper cup dispenser that fits perfectly on top of the cooler – everything you need within easy reach.

Flavour circle

The rotatable flavor circle is suitable for up to 6 syrup bottles and its design matches our current speciality coffee machines.

Item number: 03 9014 0001

  • Width 326 mm
  • Height 305 mm
  • Depth 550 mm
Paper cup dispenser

For all coffee machines.

Item number: 03.9199.0003

  • Width 230 mm
  • Height 192 or 178 mm (in combination with cooler 03.9192.1001)
  • Depth 500 mm
  • approx. 5 kg
  • Individually usable (stand-alone)
  • Stackable (maximum 3 cup dispensers)
  • As attachment to cooler unit (item number: 03.9192.6011)
  • Suitable for two stacks of cups, each with a length of up to 390 mm
  • Cups with a diameter of 60–90 mm may be used
  • Suitable for self-service
Milk tank

Suitable for all standard coolers.

Item number: 03.9499.0001

  • Capacity: up to 18 l milk
  • Width 460 mm
  • Height 280 mm
  • Depth 310 mm
  • Removable milk tank for standard coolers
  • Up to a maximum of 18 litres of chilled milk
  • Includes mounting fixture and milk-empty warning
  • Includes uptake tube and Plug+Clean hose adapter
  • Cooler must be pierceable on top
  • Made from polycarbonate