M-iQ rack type dishwasher

The latest high-tech innovation from MEIKO emphasises the company's determination to develop sustainable cleaning technologies that foster a clean environment. The M-iQ rack type dishwasher generation is reshaping the future of dishwashing!

GreenEye Technology ®
The green light for excellent cleaning

Technology keeps evolving – MEIKO has taken the M-iQ's outstanding dishwashing performance a step further using revolutionary GreenEye-Technology®. This enables genuine teamwork between people and machines for the very first time, leading to concentrated efficiency, greater transparency and a more enjoyable working environment.


  • -A 30% improved rinse performance with a one-third reduction in the use of materials and energy
  • -Revolutionary filter system for optimum cleanliness with the use of considerably less detergent and water
  • -Superb drying results and the highest levels of energy efficiency with M-iQ AirComfort drying
  • -Best indoor climate thanks to effective heat recovery
  • -Self-explanatory operator guidance on the hygienic glass display
  • -Intelligent self-cleaning programme means less lower personnel costs
  • GreenEye-Technology®


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