The new commercial dishwashing machine: M-iClean U

The fast track to clean and dry washware

Get ready for a new era of dishwashing

The new generation of M-iClean U dishwashers offers the full spectrum of innovative warewashing technology. In optimised form. The name remains the same, and proven features are retained, like the intuitive operating concept and intelligent self-monitoring technology. But a lot of things are new. GiO MODULE and components for mains disconnection? Yes, but integrated in the machine. For quick installation and maintenance. What about heat recovery? Of course. But with new technology and a new name – ComfortAir – not to mention numerous advantages: up to 80 % less steam*, up to 21 % less operating costs*, an unbelievable drying results. And all this in record time. To be precise, 30 seconds faster than its predecessor*.


Tall beer glasses


Cutlery items


Large plates


Canteen trays

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  • Thanks to the new ComfortAir heat recovery system:
    - no visible steam emitted
    - excellent drying result – never polish again!
    - 30 seconds* faster than the preceding model
    - energy savings of up to 21%*
  • Thanks to the integrated GiO MODULE:
    - no structural modifications required
    - less space requirements as well as lower installation and maintenance costs
  • Your logo on the M-iClean U display with Private Label option
  • Optimal user friendliness thanks to a straightforward operating concept
  • Lasting construction thanks to durable materials – more stainless steel, less plastic, even in the dosing pipes


Brochure - M-iClean U


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