Automatic tray washing machine BTA 160, BTA 240

The efficient automation modules for your scullery

The automatic washing of trays delivers considerable benefits. The development by MEIKO of the BTA 160 and BTA 240 tray washing machine has provided the answer for the simple, quick, efficient, and cost effective washing of trays for a wide and varied clientele base. Up to 24 trays per minute can be processed, depending on the actual tray size.

The compact construction and the exceptional price/performance ratio enables individual design concepts to be introduced in virtually all wash-up areas. Trays no longer need to be picked-up and placed on the washing machine belt manually as they are automatically transferred from the tray transport conveyor into the tray washing machine, and deposited automatically onto the tray stacking trolley following the cleaning process. The result of this is shorter washing-up times, reduced working hours, less energy consumption, and therefore lower costs.



  • -Quick, effective and cost-efficient tray washing
  • -No manual handling of trays necessary thanks to transfer from conveyor
  • -Powerful washing system for a maximum cleaning result above and below the trays
  • -First class drying results
  • -Stacking device enables quick and safe changeover of tray stackers without disruption