Pot washer DV / FV Series

MEIKO's universal warewashers offer outstanding performance!


  • -First-class washing results with minimal use of water
  • -Ultra-low running costs with the AktivPlus wash water filter System
  • -Heat recovery plus an 80 % reduction in steam output for a better indoor climate
  • -Brilliant washing results with the GiO module
  • -Built-in infrared interface for easy data Transfer
  • -Integrated self-cleaning function
  • -Separate button for opening and closing the hood
  • -Programme start button positioned at an ergonomically comfortable height

DV 270.2

This pot washer offers an enormous pass through height of 650 mm – so your staff can spend their time on more useful things than cleaning bulky washware.

FV 130.2

This multi-purpose universal dishwasher can tackle pots and utensils and is built to tackle the toughest jobs in the kitchen.

FV 250.2

This high-capacity model can handle multiple types of washware, hence its reputation as a "universal dishwasher". It can wash up to three transport containers at the same time.


Brochure - DV 270.2


Brochure - Programme Overview Undercounter dishwashers, hood type dishwashers, utensil washers


Brochure - FV 130.2 / FV 250.2