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Premium modular cooking technology

We turn your ideas into reality! MKN's modular cooking technology allows you to design your own kitchen tailored to your individual needs. More than 250 electric and gas appliances can be individually combined in our product lines OPTIMA 850 and 700. All of our modular series appliances are made of high grade stainless steel, demonstrate excellent workmanship and are compatible with each other. A smart connection system facilitates easy movement of cookware and ensures outstanding workplace comfort and perfect hygiene. Cooking modules welded into the worktop cater for easy cleaning. You only need to choose between the carcass depths of 850 and 700 mm and you can leave the rest to the MKN kitchen experts. Let's take your kitchen to the next level.

Modular kitchen systems

Select from 250 premium cooking appliances

Our energy concept

Optimized efficiency



Maximum effect with extremely low energy consumption



Outstanding efficiency and even heat distribution



up to 25% less energy consumption

Counter SL

Solutions for mobile front cooking concepts, event cooking, snack bars and street food