SCRAEGG PRO - German Design Award Winner 2020

Innovative and profitable

With the SCRAEGG Pro, gastronomic businesses can prepare delicious meals and snacks in max. 20 seconds. It can be served in a To-Go cup or on a plate. Different flavours ensure variety and customer satisfaction.

You can choose from the spice mixes we have developed for light and airy scrambled eggs, creamy porridge, a hearty tomato soup, savory lunchcups and more.

SCRAEGG Innovative and profitable


    • ✓ Scrambled eggs can be made with whole egg or shell egg
      ✓ Fully automatic preparation - at the touch of a button
      ✓ Space-saving, approx.30x30x46,5 cm
      ✓ Operation with 230V (50Hz), 1800W
      ✓ 1.5l watertank for approx. 70 portions per tank (depending on the chosen type of food/spice mix)
      ✓ Minimal soiling, little cleaning
  • SCRAEGG stands for irresistible meals, perfectly prepared in less than 20 seconds.

    But SCRAEGG is much more.



    Fluffy scrambled eggs, tasty porridge, creamy-rich soup, savory lunchcups, sweet desserts and more to come!

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    Always ready to serve: Practical accessoires for quick preparation and snacks - sustainably produced!

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